Saturday, March 21, 2009

"I've Found Grace Inside a Sound"

I just found a well-written article (HT: Jeffrey Overstreet) by Jeff Keuss about the comedy of U2's new album No Line on the Horizon. He uses Gustav Freytag's "pyramid" to trace the arch of U2's whole body of work, focusing primarily on No Line and its comic movement. Keuss articulates well what I was trying to say in fewer words in a previous post, paying special attention to the "sound" motif throughout the album.


Pit Boss said...

Interesting article and thoughts.
I'll admit I lean toward being U2 skeptic, but if they pressed "No Line" in vinyl I'll give it a spin.

Care to join me for a far-less profound but boogie-worthy show in Yonder Mountain @ H.O.B this Thursday? I'm sure Kimi would babysit.

Matt Dallman said...

Looking for a solid show download for road trips, errr loooong plane rides.

Free show of the month, well worth the itunes storage.

RE is a notch above YMSB in my book, if you're keeping score at home.

Ethiopian food soon?